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Sports Performance

Participating in a sport, whether you like to jog on the weekends or are a professional athlete, places unique demands on your body. Dr. Mike and Dr. Randy, both athletes themselves, use their perspective and understanding to the benefit of our athletic patients.

Improve Your Performance

Man riding bikeOur team will use an advanced 3D motion capture system to evaluate the areas of performance that are causing stress to your body. By doing so, we’ll eliminate the potential for injury while increasing your athletic output. This system is useful for any sport in which the athlete swings, such as baseball, golf and hockey.

For runners, we utilize Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to specifically determine your movement patterns. From this information, we can examine how the body is ineffectively or effectively moving, then prescribe exercises to prevent or reduce injury. If you already have an injury, the FMS will help us identify it, then help us understand how to treat it with Active Release Techniques® or other methods in which we’re well-versed.

Our aim is to get you back to playing as quickly as we can, whether you’re doing The Couch to 5K® Running Plan or are training for an IRONMAN®.

We’re here for you in case of an emergency and offer same-day appointments. Let us check your insurance coverage for you by contacting our practice today!

Let Us Help With Your Golf Game

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